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Introduce yourself!

Post by Jamie Davis » Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:35 am

Well, the new forum has been live for over a year now, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread where everyone can introduce themselves.

My Nuffield journey......

I was born into a farming family and loved nothing more than spending my childhood weekends and school holidays working on various farms. Like most farm kids, I had been driving tractors from as early I can remember and I used to volunteer at a disabled horse riding school from about 11, topping and harrowing paddocks on an MF35 and a T20.

My first proper paid job, was as a tractor driver on an apple farm during school holidays. I loved it.

I was around 14 when I decided I wanted my own tractor. I had been saving for years and by accident I bought a Nuffield 10/60. My goal was to restore it, so I started to teach myself how to fix it by reading the worksop manual and fiddling at weekends. I left school at 15 and started an engineering apprenticeship, learning to fix plant and specialist equipment. I sold my 10/60 some years later and had a few years off from tractors.

My wife decided to buy me a tractor a few years ago as a hobby, knowing that I have a passion for them. Obviousy, it had to be a Nuffield, so I found a very tidy 460, which proudly sits in my gararge. I also have a 465 which I bought a year or so ago, which I am yet to even look at. It's a mk1 which will probably have the oily rag as its a good original tractor.

As always, time is the enemy!

I work within building engineering nowadays, spending most of my time behind a computer screen. I live in rural Nottinghamshire.

Everyone needs a hobby!

Please feel free to share your backgrounds too :-)


Jamie Davis

Past - Nuffield 10/60
Present - Nuffield 460 & Nuffield 4/65

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by JohnP » Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:43 pm

I attended agricultural college after leaving school at 15. Completed my apprenticeship and gained C&G 260 and 261. Worked on MF tractors and machinery for 10 years, then sold Ford tractors before joining BMC at Bathgate as a Quality Control Inspector on the tractor line. After a time I transferred to the Tractor Training School on Leyland Tractor Service and Sales Training. After 10 years and being promoted to Training Manager the School transferred to Leyland in Lancashire, shortly after this the tractor devision was sold to Marshall Tractors. I took no part in this, instead I moved over to the truck devision and worked in West Africa for a number of years as Distributor Training Manager.

After I left Leyland I sold Leyland trucks in West Yorkshire. At the DAF Truck takeover I started a complete 20 year 2nd career for Mercedes Benz Trucks in training and marketing conducting training on the then new EPS 16 speed transmission, after this I introduced the MBKS computer sales system to the dealer sales team. This was followed by supplying our Dealers with all the necessary, computer based, sales information needed during the sales process.

After retiring I became involved in setting up the web site for the Leyand and Nuffield Tractor Club. I also help at the Malvern and Newark tractor shows.

If it ain't bust don't fix it!

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by mike.l » Tue Jun 25, 2019 1:00 am

Hi i now live in Canada, but my introduction to nuffield started a long time ago in England . M y mother was evacuated during the war and we went to live in dorset i was a month old , became very attached to the farm and spent all my childhood with farm animals and horses. Then in 1950- 51 i was there to see a new nuffield tvo tractor arrive on the family farm .
I was smitten with the orange tractor bug from then. A few years later a diesel version was bought perkins engine but it never hit the spot like the old tvo flat back tractor. Skip a few years to go to school . if i could have got a report that said anything good i think my parents would have been pleased. If i could get something for looking out the window it would have been excellent, i did well in metal work and gardening, left school at 15 and did general farm work went and got a farm education and started milking cows. At 18 i was managing a 60 cow herd and by 20 it was 100 cows on my own milking in a bail and of coarse it had to be a nuffield tractor for milk and yard work. By 30 i had bought a small farm of my own and soon had a nuffield tractor then a 465 , but fate changed my path and i farmed with international even when in canada i had international and john deere. I had a off farm job in canada and was a trained welder and later a un licensed millwright my claim to fame there was, i built all the library furniture for Virginia state library and had lunch in the CIA building. Sold the farm when my son left home to become an accountant then my love affair with nuffield came to light again i purchased a dm4 and then swapped it for a pm4 and started into competition plowing which is another bug that gets under your skin then 2 years ago i bought a little universal 3 to plow with and a david brown plow has helped me to be successful and go from last at every match to second in my class at the international plowing match last year Mike Ps and you still cannot wipe the smile off my face for that

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