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Charnleys Website Updated

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 7:32 pm
by Rick Cobley
Some of you will already be aware of John Charnley & Sons as they have been around for years supplying parts for Nuffields, Leylands & Marshall tractors and this being the case the business is usually run in the ways of the period.

Having been supporters of the marque for such a long time as others gave up the banner and sold tractors from other company's Charnleys approached them ( firms like FH Burgess) and purchased their stock of Nuffield/Leyland parts to add to their own stock. In later years the stock of Marshall Tractors and Marshall Daimler ltd was also purchased giving them the combined stock of the biggest players in the game. Unfortunately the only way to access this huge stock was to phone them and ask for parts, and their phone lines are busy!


Charnleys have had a website for some time and it is pretty basic unlike the websites of newer arrivals on the scene and having located a part on the website you still needed to phone to order the parts.

This all changed recently when the website was updated to allow online purchasing of parts, all you need to do now is click on "Add To Cart" as you do on many other sites, no longer do you have to keep trying the line because its engaged or get the back office answer and get the "Leave your number and parts will ring you back"!


Before you start shopping you need to register on the website and when your order is complete pay by card which was the bit I found a bit confusing but I relied on something called "Common sense", I put the long card number in the long box, the expiry date in the box with 4 squares and the security number on the back in the box with 3 squares and completed the purchase.

I made my purchase around 2pm in the afternoon and about 4pm got a email to say the parts had been dispatched, they arrived with me the following afternoon.

Re: Charnleys Website Updated

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 1:17 pm
by Jamie Davis
Never assume common sense. It makes an ass out of U and me.