Leyland 245 Gearbox cover replacement

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Leyland 245 Gearbox cover replacement

Post by Highfield1 » Mon Mar 16, 2020 5:43 pm

Hello after problems engaging gears when the engine is running I have made the mistake of removing the top cover of the gearbox, proud that I had removed but could not find any problems inside I decided to replace the cover.
Well after two hours I can still not get the cover to fit with the gears selecting, so obviously I have disturbed the gear selection system. I can get the cover down but the gear stick is locked.
Does anyone out there have an idea how I should now proceed ?
Many thanks
Leyland 245 1974

Bill Edwards
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Re: Leyland 245 Gearbox cover replacement

Post by Bill Edwards » Mon Mar 16, 2020 9:45 pm

I had the top off a 255 with a ten speed box (five forwards gears and a high/low lever on the right) a lot of years ago. I don't know if the 245 uses the same box so this may or may not be helpful.

As I recall it was simply a matter of getting the gear lever to engage the selector cups, with the box in neutral (all the cups lined up) you should have the best chance of hitting the right spot. If you don't get it, lift it up and try the gear lever in another position until you hit the right spot. Sometimes you'll end up with it not falling into the right place, at some point it'll go where it should.
I don't remember it being easy as it was a heavy lump to be lifting on my own, bent over in the confines of a cab but pretty straightforward.
I assume you've got a gasket in place first, don't get it on and find that to be missing!

Please remember this applies to the ten speed box and I don't know what you have so it may not apply, and it must have been about 12 years ago since I did it but you should get the general idea.

Rick Cobley
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Re: Leyland 245 Gearbox cover replacement

Post by Rick Cobley » Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:03 am

Hi, I think you need to remove the set screw and then pull the high low lever out. Replace the lever after you have refitted the top cover!

Regards Rick Cobley

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