DM4 Identity check

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DM4 Identity check

Post by Hawkeye » Thu May 21, 2020 9:05 pm


My name is Stuart and my friend Rusty has bought a Nuffield DM4 that had been taken apart to some extent, although all the bits seem to be there and the Perkins engine turns freely although he has not had it running. It seems to be in reasonable condition albeit the lift arms are missing.

As a result of the current situation he is having to move it on as he is self-employed and not working at the moment. He is not computer savvy, hence me trying to help out. He is trying to date it - the serial number is NT53307 and the axle casting has 2057839 on it.

Can anyone point us in the right direction to date it and to advise as to what sort of value it has please?

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Re: DM4 Identity check

Post by kjblakey » Fri May 22, 2020 1:53 am

There is a topic on the forum about dating tractors that will probably explain it better than I do :lol: but here goes. The way to do it (well the easiest for me) is to look on the right hand axle casing. This works for most nuffields so I’ll give you an example on my 465. So There will be a number of production, a date code and a serial number On each of the main parts of the tractor. The serial number will have 2-3 letters then some numbers, for example in your case nt53307. The production number is in your case 2057839.

The date code however, is a number-letter-number code. The first number will be what day of the month it was cast. For example 28 on the code means the 28th of that month. The letter is the month for example a-January, b-February, c-March etc. then the last number (there will only be one of them) will indicate the decade the part was made. For example the axle casing on my 465 has a 26c8 as its date code signifying it was made on the 26 of March 1968 as the time 465’s were made was from 1967-1969. I’m pretty sure the dm4 was built from 1950-1957. After you have one date go around and get dates from that code all around the other parts of the tractor. And if all have the same date that will be your tractors age. Sometimes they will be different if those main parts have been replaced at sometime

I have edited my post a bit to eliminate confusion in some parts as I gave a wrong date at one point.
Kind regards, Kyle
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Re: DM4 Identity check

Post by Rick Cobley » Fri May 22, 2020 3:22 pm

Hi, The date code system was not introduced until 1953 and as the Perkins engine was fitted 1950 to 1954 your tractor might not be marked. Tractors NT50000 to NT57545 were built between 1950-54 so your tractor is probably 1952.
Regards Rick Cobley

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